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On this page you will find some Tips, Tutorials,Hints and links to PDF files that have helped me to create my rugs, needle punch pieces or cross stitch pieces. It is a bit of this and that. Just some general information that may help you in your creative endeavours.

If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate in e-mailing me and I will be happy to list them so that they can be of help to others.

Please note that when you click on a link it will take you to a page outside of this website. Just use your back arrow on your browser to get back to Fully Wool Primitives.




******   Link on a tutorial for doing a crochet edge to finish your hooked rug can be found here by Karen Kahle.


******   Just discovered this video on YOUTUBE on an edge done by Doris Eaton called the "Eaton Edge". It's a great way to finish your rug and so easy to do. I wil be trying this out on my next rug for sure!

Here is the link for "THE EATON EDGE"



******   Cushing Dye Chart can be found here.



******   Conversion of Gentle Art Threads to DMC can be found here.


******   Conversion thread chart from Belle Soie Silk to Crescent Hand dyed cotton for Island Cottage Needlearts Schoolgirl Series of cross stitch patterns can be found here in PDF format.



******   This is a great instruction on how to blanket stitch from  "Wee Folk Art"


******   Graph Paper Generator - This is a great site where you can create a pdf file of graph paper to your specification. How many squares per inch do you want? Wonderful for planning your design. Can be found here.



What the numbers mean in rug hooking strips....
#3 3/32"
#4 1/8"
#5 5/32"
#6 6/32" or 3/16"
#7 7/32"
#8 1/4"
#9 9/32"
#10 5/16"





       How to Determine the amount of Wool Fabric required for Hooking a piece........


         Multiply the length by width (inches) X 6 (for #8) divided by 1664 = yards needed.


              for example: you need to figure out how much wool for an element that is about 4" x 12" using a #8 cut wool strip (1/4" wide) so....

              4 x 12 = 48  x 6 = 288 square inches divided by 1664 (one yard measuring approximately 32" x 52" after shrinkage) =173 square inches which is a little less than 1/8 yard or a piece of fabric measuring 13" x 16" or   6-1/2" x 32".

Yardage measures as follows after washing: 52" wide by 32" long (1664 square inches):

1/32 yard = 3-1/4" x 16" = 52 square inches

1/16 yard = 6-1/2" x 16" = 104 square inches

1/8 yard = 13" x 16" = 208 square inches

1/4 yard = 26" x 16" = 416 sqaure inches

1/2 yard = 52" x 16" = 832 square inches

3/4 yard = 39" x 32" = 1248 square inches

1 yard = 52" x 32" = 1664 square inches

If you are using any other size strip than #8, then you would multiply the sqaured off area of the hooked element by the following:

up to #4 cut use 4 multiplier

up to #6 cut use 5 mutiplier

up to #8 cut use 6 multiplier

up to #10 cut use 8 mutliplier


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